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I offer unique fine art prints and custom picture frames for sale. My photography can be viewed on this website (and on my Instagram) and information about the picture frames and how I make them can be found in the Frames section. 

Prints and Paper

For printing I use a large-format Epson SureColor P800 printer, which produces high quality prints on a 17" X 15 m roll. With the roll I can print panoramas that are up to 17" high and almost 'as wide as you like'. 

For paper I use Epson Signature Worthy Cold Press 340g Natural Fine Art Paper, a premium 100% acid-free cotton matte paper that works really well with subjects that have texture, like landscapes. For more information, see this review and testimonial.

Frame - San Fran Rosewood (2 of 3).jpg

Print: 20 X 24 cm, California Street, San Francisco, 2019.

Frame: New Guinea Rosewood, 3 X 3 cm; 11 X 14 inch (standard frame size).

Finish: Linseed oil and wax.


As explained in the Framing section, I make custom, picture frames using beautiful woods and hand tools. If you're interested, you can get in touch with me via the contact form on the Home page.


Prices are negotiable but range from $150 to $400 for most frames, and around $40+ for the print (depending on print size and paper used).


The total cost will depend on various factors, like frame/print size and materials used. New Guinea Rosewood, for example, will be more expensive than distressed Pine. Non-reflective museum-grade glass is expensive.

The principle I follow is that I want my prints and frames to be affordable, but I don't want to undercut other photographers / framers or undervalue my own work. So I aim for good pricing, but not a 'giveaway'.


It's best to allow 1 to 2 weeks for the completion of a framing order from the time we agree on the design (prints will be quicker), and then add delivery time (based on your location and your chosen delivery method).


It is possible to courier prints and frames internationally, but packaging and international couriers can be expensive. Note that using Hahnemuhle Protective Spray instead of glass makes international deliveries of framed prints more feasible.


Free domestic shipping is included on all purchases over $200.

Richard Sandlant Frames (3 of 5).jpg

Print: 28 X 35 cm, Sunset Surf, Australia, 2018.

Frame: Pine, 3 X 3 cm; 40 X 47 cm (custom frame size).

Finish: Distressed chalk paint and wax.

My Personal Commitment To You
Everyone has their own unique preferences, so I will work closely with you to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Whether for a home or corporate office, I offer the following guarantee to provide peace of mind:

If after 30 days from receipt of the print and/or frame, you are unhappy with the size or it just doesn't work for your location you can exchange it for another one or return it within 30 days to receive your money back (less delivery costs).

Click HERE for my contact form.

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