Picture Framing

There's nothing like framing an art work, and hanging it on a wall in your home. Each time I look at one of my own framed prints I am transported back to the time and place that I took the photograph. I relive the experience of that special moment.


As a photographer, I became a picture framer initially to reduce the cost of getting my own photos framed. But as I learnt the craft of picture framing, I came to appreciate how the right frame can enhance the experience of an image. I discovered the art of picture framing.​

Print: 40 X 50 cm, Molonglo Tree, 2018.

Frame: Meranti, 3 X 3 cm; Overall: 60 X 70 cm.

Finish: Linseed oil and wax.

If you have photos or artwork and would like to explore the possibility of ordering a custom picture frame please visit my Shop for details, and/or feel free to contact me via the contact form on the Home page.


For more information on the frame designs and how I make them, see the Design and Build pages in this section.

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