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Frame Designs

I make hand-crafted wooden picture frames - tailored, in consultation with you, to the individual needs of your art work and the location where it will be displayed.

My frames are made using a "closed-corner" (or finished-corner) technique, which means the frames are finished after joining, like furniture. This means I can sand and plane my corners to meet perfectly before I add the finishes (e.g. oil, paint, wax). As a result, the frames are smooth and continuous over the joint. 


I make two main types of frame design: Natural (oiled or stained) and Distressed (chalk paint).

Natural (Oiled, Stained) Frames

Natural frames are made from woods with beautiful grain and color (such as New Guinea Rosewood and Meranti, but can include even Pine) and are finished with boiled linseed oil / stains and wax. The oil / stain makes the natural color and detail in the wood 'pop' while the wax provides a silky smooth natural finish.

Distressed (Stain, Chalk Paint) Frames

Distressed frames use Pine and are stained or painted with chalk paint and finished with wax. The colors, design and amount of distressing can be customized to your preferences.  The result is a unique frame that can be a piece of art in itself.

Design Process

There's more to a picture frame than just the wood and finish, of course. There's also the choice of mat board (color, type, size, whether single or double etc) and the location where it will be displayed.

Different colors and shades of both the frame and mat board have a major impact on how your artwork will look in the finished frame, and on your wall.


I like to work with my customers using mock-ups of the frame design, taking into account your intended location, in order to ensure that you are happy with the design choices before I start making the frame.  

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